Design Services

Cheshire Wood Burners provides a complete service from start to finish, whether it’s a fireplace or stove in need of installation, a chimney in need of lining or just a chimney cowl or net. We will make the installation run as smoothly as possible and make the whole experience a pleasurable one.

Installation Services

We provide the complete service where stoves are concerned. From the creation of an inglenook chamber, to the sourcing of old oak beams, lining of the flue and demonstrating the correct operating procedures, we can give you peace of mind and guaranteed warmth. All our work is carried out to the highest standards.

Maintenance Services

As with most things around the house, stoves need a little bit of tender loving care in order to serve you well throughout its life and like any machine your stove needs to have a regular check over Below are the main parts of your stove that you would need to check in order for your stove to work efficiently.

Inspection Services

Installation of a stove is governed by building regulations Approved Document.
If you were to install the stove yourself, not only would you have to read and dissect this document, but you would also have to make sure you follow it to a tee and then notify building control on a building notice. Unless you have previous experience as a builder, fireplace installer or gas fitter we would not recommend installing your stove yourself.