Installation Services

We provide the complete service where stoves are concerned. From the creation of an inglenook chamber, to the sourcing of old oak beams, lining of the flue and demonstrating the correct operating procedures, we can give you peace of mind and guaranteed warmth. All our work is carried out to the highest standards.

woodburningstove-installationMost prospective customers seem to have either a bricked-up chimney breast, an old gas fire fixed to the wall, or an old fireplace inherited with the house and have never really liked. In order to have a stove fitted, they may just want something fairly simple like remove the old fire place, make a plain squared off opening and a new hearth, line the internal sides and rear with fire retardant boards, line a new chimney and install a new chimney pot. The cost will vary according to the size of the opening / cost of hearth material / type and finish of surroundings / size of skip required to remove the rubble etc but a figure of around £800 (excluding the stove, hearth, beams or surrounds) is fairly typical.

If you have no chimney at all, we can install a twin-wall insulated stainless steel flue system either up the outside or inside of the building. Prices will vary depending on the height of the flue/flue diameter/number of bends/amount of modification to ceiling and roof timbers, but for a flue going through the house, boxed-in with mock chimney breast containing a plain opening, the cost would typically be around £2,500 to £3,200.

An external chimney would be several hundred pounds less! Don’t forget that most of the traditional and online shops appear not to want to get involved in this kind of building works as they are only interested in sales.
We at Cheshire Wood Burner are more than happy to take on all of this work on our shoulders as we are well experienced in the building trade.

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