Maintenance Services

As with most things around the house, stoves need a little bit of tender loving care in order to serve you well throughout its life and like any machine your stove needs to have a regular check over. Below are the main parts of your stove that you would need to check in order for your stove to work efficiently:

  • Fire Grate
  • Fire Bricks
  • Stove Throat plate
  • Ash Pan
  • Stove Rope Seal
  • Heat Resistant Glass

The above mentioned are the main parts, that can have an effect on the way the stove works. It is recommended that you check the above items regularly.

This will ensure that your stove looks after you throughout the cold winter months, year after year Although efficient to run, they have some underlying problems from a chimney and flue function point of view, for which we have produced this list of steps for dealing with Cleaning and maintenance issues.

Our Annual Maintenance Service starts from £50 plus parts and includes:

  • If it is a multi fuel stove, we will check that the grate is in good condition and that it riddles easily. If the grate is cracked or distorted – too much distortion and it can jam the riddling mechanism or jam in the stove.
  • Check the fire bricks if it has them. If a brick is damaged or cracked so that a piece could fall out. A missing piece of brick can cause a cast iron stove to crack or a steel stove to distort.
  • Check the stove’s ash pan for holes. Hot ash leaking from an ash pan burns carpets.
  • Check the fire rope seals around the doors and glass of the stove. Replace badly frayed or missing fire rope.
  • On a cast iron stove, we will check the seals between the side and top plates. If there are gaps reseal with fire cement.
  • Check the finish on the stove. Particularly on a cast iron stove, excessive rusting can cause problems.
  • Check the glass for cracks and clean off black tar deposits with glass cleaner.

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